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Split System Winter Sale Prices*

Up to $400 cash back rebates are available on selected split system models below! 

When selecting the right size air conditioner for your space, consider the below approx KW sizes:

  • For a room 10m2 to 20m2, a 2.5kw unit should cool the room;
  • For a room 20m2 to 30m2, a 3.5kw unit should cool the room;
  • For a room 30m2 to 45m2, a 5kw-6kw unit should cool the room; and
  • For a room 45m2 to 65m2, a 7kw-8kw unit should cool the room.
  • Lager room sizes can be cooled by up to a 9.5kw split system or 2 or more smaller sizes air con units.

Prices below includes full installation and electrical. Current Winter prices listed below are valid from 1st March to 31st August 2018



Split Systems – Reverse cycle inverter


2.6kw Carrier Pearl (R410A) – RRP $1,472OUR PRICE $ 1,295  NOW SOLD OUT

3.5kw Carrier Pearl RRP $1,610 OUR PRICE $ 1,435

4.9kw Carrier Pearl RRP $2,061 OUR PRICE $ 1,800

5.5kw Carrier Pearl RRP $2,212 OUR PRICE $ 1,850

5.9kw Carrier “Aspire”(R410A) – RRP $2,300 HOT PRICE! $ 1,700

6.4kw Carrier Pearl (R410A) – RRP $2,409 OUR PRICE $ 2,125

8kw Carrier Pearl (R410A) – RRP $2,794 OUR PRICE $ 2,420 NOW SOLD OUT

9.2kw Carrier Pearl (R410A) – RRP $2,994 OUR PRICE $ 2,620 NOW SOLD OUT

Click to Download the Carrier Pearl brochure and the Carrier Aspire Brochure. NOTE:  Carrier brand is not currently compatible with any ENERGEX energy rebates.



Split Systems – Reverse cycle inverter

2.5KW RAS-10N3AV2-A (R410A) – RRP  $ 1,585 HOT PRICE! $ 1,260 NOW SOLD OUT

5KW RAS-18N3AV2-A (R410A) – RRP $ 2,205 HOT PRICE! $ 1,557 ($1,757 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

Click to Download the Toshiba split system brochure.



Split Systems (Avanti & Bronte Series) Reverse cycle inverter

2.5KW “Avanti” SRK25ZSA-W (R32 ) – RRP $ 1,645 HOT OFFER! $ 1,253 ($1,353 *less $100 MHI cashback)

3.5KW “Avanti” SRK35ZSA-W (R32 ) – RRP $ 1,820 HOT OFFER! $ 1,400 ($1,500*less $100 MHI cashback)

5KW “Avanti” SRK50ZSA-W (R32 ) – RRP  $ 2,335 HOT OFFER! $1,576 ($1,926 *less $200 ENERGEX & $150 MHI)

6.3KW “Bronte” SRK63WK (R32 ) – RRP  $ 2,335 HOT OFFER! $1,871 ($2,221 *less $200 ENERGEX & $150 MHI)

7KW “Bronte” SRK71ZRA-W (R32)  RRP  $ 2,791 HOT OFFER! $1,904 ($2,304 *less $200 ENERGEX & $200 MHI)

8KW “Bronte” SRK80ZRA(R32)  RRP  $ 2,791 HOT OFFER! $2,369 ($2,769 *less $200 ENERGEX & $200 MHI)

9.5KW “Bronte” SRK95WSET (R32)  RRP  $ 2,791 HOT OFFER! $2,823 ($3,223 *less $200 ENERGEX & $200 MHI)

Click to Download the MHI AVANTI brochure and the MHI Bronte brochure.



Split Systems (KMCA/B Lifestyle Range) Reverse cycle inverter

2.5KW  ASTG09KMCA (R32 )- RRP  $ 1,784 $1,461 

3.5KW ASTG12KMCA (R32) – RRP $ 1,995 $1,590 

5KW ASTG18KMCA (R32) – RRP  $ 2,671 HOT OFFER! $ 1,857 ($2,057 *less $200 ENERGEX)    

6KW ASTG22KMCA (R32) – RRP  $ 2,910 HOT OFFER! $ 2,137 ($2,337 *less $200 ENERGEX)  

7.1KW ASTG24KMCA (R32) – RRP  $ 3,113 HOT OFFER! $ 2,260 ($2,460 *less $200 ENERGEX)  

8.5KW ASTG30KMTA (R32) – RRP  $ 3,757 HOT OFFER! $ 2,758 ($2,958 *less $200 ENERGEX)   

9.4KW ASTG34KMTA (R32) – RRP  $ 4,316 HOT OFFER! $ 3,223 ($3,423 *less $200 ENERGEX)  

Click to Download the Fujitsu Lifestyle range brochure.



Split Systems – Reverse cycle inverter with WiFi – PLUS! 10 year compressor warranty

2.5KW WH09SK-18 with WiFi (R32) RRP $ 1,759 OUR PRICE $ 1,519

3.5KW WH12SK-18 with WiFi (R32) RRP  $ 1,937 OUR PRICE $ 1,675

5KW WH18SL-19 with WiFi (R32) RRP  $ 2,505 HOT PRICE! $ 1,790 ($1,990 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

7KW WH24SL-18 with WiFi (R32) RRP $ 2,929 OUR PRICE $ 2,330 ($2,530 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

8KW WH30SR-18 with WiFi (R32) RRP  $ 3,471 OUR PRICE $ 2,790 ($2,990 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

9KW WH34SR-18 with WiFi (R32) RRP  $ 3,961 OUR PRICE $ 3,221 ($3,421 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

Click to Download the LG WH Series 2019 Brochure.



Split Systems – “L-Series” Reverse Cycle Inverter


2.5KW TXS25L  (R41oA) – RRP  $ 1,786  OUR PRICE $ 1,543

3.5KW TXS35L (R41oA) – RRP  $ 2,030  OUR PRICE $ 1,753

4.6KW TXS46L (R41oA) – RRP  $ 2,550  OUR PRICE $ 2,003 ($2,203 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

5KW TXS50L (R41oA) – RRP  $ 2,650  OUR PRICE $ 2,095 ($2,295 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

6KW TXS60L (R41oA) – RRP  $ 2,890  OUR PRICE $ 2,296 ($2,496 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

7KW TXS71L (R41oA) – RRP  $ 3,130 OUR PRICE $ 2,506 ($2,706 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

8.5KW TXS85L (R41oA) – RRP  $ 3,800  OUR PRICE $ 3,083 ($3,283 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

9.5KW TXS95L (R41oA) – RRP  $ 4,370 OUR PRICE $ 3,578 ($3,778 *less $200 ENERGEX rebate)

Click to Download the Daikin Heating & Cooling buyers guide and the  DAIKIN L Series split system brochure.

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*Sale Prices are for payments by cash/bank transfer, for domestic customers, with standard back to back installation or some extras may apply. Rebates must be confirmed with the provider prior to purchase. Carrier brand air conditioners are not currently compatible with the ENERGEX rebates.) Limits apply to some rebates, and cut-off dates also apply. Please see the applicable rebate websites for terms and conditions to ensure the listed model is still available for rebates. Rebates may change at any time. Stock availability may change daily. Prices may change depending if stock is on hand in our warehouse or if it is an ordered in item.


Various other brands and models available

If you are looking for the right air conditioning for your home or business on the Gold Coast, Magic Air Conditioning can help you cool and heat individual rooms with a new split system. We would like to help you today, by giving you informed and affordable choices on new or replacement air conditioning. We sell and install all brands of wall hung split system air conditioning, (as well as complete ducted air conditioning systems) to help you efficiently cool and heat your home to maintain the correct and comfortable temperature throughout every season, all year round.

We are an air conditioning retailer, and Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) licensed and insured contractor, so we can sell you the air con and can turn up to install it for you quickly. We do not charge a delivery fee and we offer sales and install packages to make it easy for you to choose the right air con without having to go out and find a 3rd party installer. We also are licensed electricians so you also don’t have to look for an electrician to come out separately to wire up the new system. Plus we offer you easy and affordable maintenance services to stay on top of the cleaning and checking of your system each year. We can do it all for you.

Your new air conditioner and the installation is warrantied by us as well as the manufacturer for 5 years and some brands up to 10 years, offering you peace of mind when purchasing new air conditioning from us.

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*Approved applicants only. Fees, terms, conditions & minimum finance amount apply, incl $99 Annual Fee charged on the account open date and annually on the anniversary of that date. Annual Fee must be paid in full within 90 days or it will attract interest. Minimum monthly repayment required. Interest, (charged at standard Expired Promotional Rate) payable on outstanding balance after any Interest Free term. See skyecard.com.au for current interest rates. Credit provided by FlexiCards Australia Pty Ltd ABN 31 099 651 877 Australian Credit Licence number 247415. Skye is a trademark of FlexiCards Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of FlexiGroup Limited. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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