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Understanding the concept of split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioning is just one type, although it is today the most popular type available. There are good reasons for this popularity, because split system air conditioners offer considerable benefits.

Once you understand the advantages, you may decide it is worth paying that little bit extra to get those advantages.

The main advantage is that a split system air conditioner is a much more aesthetic addition to your home. They have a modern stylish look that complements a typical home quite well, they are considerably quieter than other types, and advances in technology have also made them more energy efficient than other types.

A split system air conditioner puts part of the system inside your home and part outside, and they’re connected together by a tube. The outdoor unit is the part that creates noise and heat, which is why it’s a good thing it’s located outdoors.

One of the reasons why it’s best to get your split system air conditioner installed by experts (like Magic Air Conditioning)  is that the outdoor unit must be located strategically. Placing it incorrectly makes it more likely to break down, and even though your unit is covered by a warranty, it’s inconvenient if your AC keeps breaking down and needs constant repairs.

This outdoor unit contains the compressor, the condenser, the condenser cooling fan, and the expansion valve. Here’s what they do:

  • Compressor – compresses the refrigerant to increase pressure.
  • Condenser – works like a heat sink, helps to get the refrigerant temperature down.
  • Condenser Cooling Fan – this helps to draw heat away from the condenser.
  • Expansion valve – gets the pressure of the refrigerant back down, because high pressure refrigerant is not the safest stuff to pump into your home.

From there, the refrigerant is supplied to the indoor unit, via copper tubing, which is protected by placing an insulating plastic cover over it. The distance of the tube can not be too long, or the refrigerant will not stay cool enough to be effective, and it will also lose too much pressure.

Refrigerant passes into the indoor unit, which is usually a rectangular box mounted on the wall. The front of the box has vents which on some models are only exposed while the air conditioner is in use, and hidden by a cowl when not in use.

Inside the box, you will find an evaporator coil, an air filter, a fan, a drain pipe, and usually louvres as well. Here is what all those parts are for:

  • Evaporator Coil – this is the part that actually cools the air in the room
  • Air Filter – cleans the air by trapping dust and dirt
  • Fan – this pulls in warm air and blows out cold air
  • Drain Pipe – drains water out of the unit
  • Louvres – help direct the air flow

The drain pipe can be especially troublesome if care has not been taken when the unit is installed. If water is coming back into the room instead of draining outside like it is supposed to, it can mean the unit is not installed correctly.

Another possible reason is that the outlet could be blocked. For example, if the air conditioner has not been used for a while, a spider may have made a home in the drain pipe, blocking it.

To make sure you don’t get these kinds of problems, always rely on Magic Air Conditioning when you buy air conditioners or need to get your air conditioner serviced.

Buy Split System Air Conditioning on The Gold Coast From Magic Air Conditioning

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