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Cost-effective Ducted Heating in Southport

If you live in an area of variable temperatures, from extreme heat in the summer to chilly nights in winter, then a reverse cycle system is best because it can provide both heating and cooling. And, if you have a large property, a ducted system is the ideal solution because it covers the entire building.

Although ducted heating isn’t cheap to buy and install, it can be significantly cheaper to run than a gas heating system or individual electric heaters. And there are ways you can reduce the cost of purchasing and operating a ducted heating system.

Ways to Cut Costs

Before you buy your heating and air conditioning system, make sure it’s the right one for your property. If you get one that’s too big, you’ll pay more than you need to because you’ll be buying capacity that’s greater than you need. Conversely, buy a system that’s too small and it will work harder than it should do trying to maintain the specified temperature. That will result in higher energy costs and a system that will be worn out earlier than it should be.

To get the right capacity, you need to fully assess your property. Measure the area of the rooms to be heated and take into account windows and doors that will lose heat. Assess how well these and the whole building are insulated and also look at the orientation of individual rooms since those facing the sun will be warmer.

You can improve matters by installing draught excluders, double-glazed windows and other forms of insulation. You can also draw curtains and blinds at night, and keep doors closed, to prevent heat escaping.

Money can also be saved by keeping rooms at a reasonable temperature since each additional one degree of heating or cooling can increase energy costs by up to 10%. Wear a sweater if it’s chilly rather than setting the thermostat a degree or two higher. Also, don’t keep the system running fully when you’re out and only heat the rooms you’re using.

Although ducted systems don’t have individual controls for each room, many systems have a ‘zoning’ feature so you can set different temperatures for various rooms and so save unnecessary costs.

To keep costs as low as possible, it’s important your system is well maintained. An annual service will ensure it runs at peak efficiency and will also prolong its useful life so you’ll avoid replacement costs as long as possible.

Here to Help

At Magic Air Conditioning, we realise how important it is to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining a comfortable temperature. We will, therefore, fully assess your needs so that you get a system that’s just right for you.

Add to that an annual maintenance programme and emergency repairs in case of breakdown and you’re ensured of a comprehensive service. We’ll look after you and your system right from initial contact and throughout the life of the equipment until it’s due to be replaced. And with the proper care we’ll give it, that will be a long time.

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