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How Ducted Heating in Ashmore Works to your Advantage

If you live in an area of hot summers and chilly winter nights, having separate air conditioning and heating systems can be a waste. Not only will they unnecessarily duplicate installation and be wasteful of space, they’ll also cost more to purchase separately and will likely be more expensive to run.

The best option in these circumstances is a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system that can provide heating as well as cooling. This will be a discrete and aesthetically pleasing system that is also extremely efficient and cost-effective.

Efficient and Economical Operation

A ducted system comprises an external compressor unit connected to one or more fan units that are installed in the ceiling space or under the floor. These output heated or cooled air through ducts, which are also concealed, and out through grilles in each room that distribute air at the required temperature. The whole system is controlled through a single, wall-mounted unit, which often has a zoning facility so you can set different temperatures for each room.

As well as being the most discrete system, a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system can also be the most efficient and economical to run. That’s because it doesn’t use energy to create heat but instead extracts heat from the outside air and uses it to heat your home. Even on the coldest days, there is some heat available for use.

A reverse cycle system uses the heat pump principle to pump heat from one place to another. When operating as an air conditioner, the system uses a fan to move hot air from a building, which is cooled as the heat is absorbed by a refrigerant and the cooled air is then recirculated into the property. The warmed refrigerant evaporates and a compressor creates a high-pressure gas that goes through an external heat exchanger that cools the refrigerant and turns it back to liquid so it is capable of absorbing heat once again.

When used for heating, a reverse cycle system reverses the process, absorbing warm air from outside and using it to produce heat. The hot air is pumped through the ducts and out through grilles that distribute the heat throughout the property to maintain selected temperatures. All our ducts conform to the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and are heavily insulated to prevent heat loss.

Get the Best System for You

You will only achieve the required level of comfort and efficiency if you select the best system and have it installed correctly. Put your faith in us and we’ll ensure you do exactly that. We’ll survey your property, assess your needs, recommend the most appropriate system for you and install it properly.

We only supply systems from the best manufacturers. All are made from high quality components and are manufactured to the highest standards. And our installer are fully trained and experienced technicians who take great pride in their work, so you’re ensured of a top quality job and a system that will work efficiently for many years.

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