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Why Ducted Air Conditioning in Southport May be the Best Option

When you live on the Gold Coast, high summer temperatures mean that air conditioning is a must. But, with the wide variety of systems that are available, picking the right one can be a challenge.

Split systems are the most popular and are perfect for single rooms or small areas while portable equipment may be the best if you live in a rented property. If you have a reasonably large house and want to keep everyone cooled, however, a ducted system is the only practical option

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Whilst a portable air conditioner sits in a room and a split system has a unit fixed to the wall, a ducted system is much more discrete and aesthetically pleasing. Each fan unit is concealed in the ceiling space or beneath the floor while ducts are similarly hidden away. All that is a visible are a single, small control unit on a wall and a grill in each room that distributes the cooled air.

This does mean, of course, that the system has to be built into your property, which is a more expensive and complex process than for other types. Nevertheless, the benefits far outweigh any slight disruption this may cause and the investment will add to the value of your property.

The grills and control can be positioned wherever you’d prefer them although you ideally need to balance efficiency and practicality with the way they look in each room. All units have a modern and sleek design that will blend in with any décor.

The latest ducted systems use ozone-friendly refrigerants and are extremely energy efficient. This is particularly true of reverse cycle versions that provide heating as well as cooling. Indeed, some VRF systems can cool some rooms and use the recovered heat to warm others. Even without this feature, many systems offer zoning so you can have different temperatures in selected areas.

Ducted air conditioning is the most versatile of systems and can be much quieter in operation than other types. All systems have to meet minimum energy performance standards and will typically produce three or more kilowatts of cooling capacity for each one kilowatt of energy that they consume. The same ratio applies if you use a reverse cycle system for heating so costs are kept to a minimum.

Designing the Best Layout

Since one of the main advantages of a ducted system is its discreet appearance, we will advise on the type and positioning of vents as well as all other elements. These vents need to handle the cool air coming into the room as well as the warm return air. Vents for small rooms can be so thin they’re hardly noticed while large rooms may require four-way vents to distribute air evenly.

It is crucial that vents and ductwork are the correct size to handle the appropriate volume of air. This depends on the accurate calculation of airflows, which in turn depends on the number and size of rooms as well as other factors. Using Magic Air Conditioning for your installation, you can rest assured that all calculations will be done correctly and you’ll have the ducted system that’s perfect for you.

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