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Ducted Air Conditioning in Ashmore can provide more than Cool Air

An air conditioning system is essential in hot climates and will keep you comfortable in the most extreme heat. But a ducted system can do so much more if you choose the right one.

A reverse cycle system, for example, can also output heat and so will keep you warm on chilly winter nights. Some systems also have a variety of features so you have to evaluate your needs in order to select the best one.

Efficient, Economical and Feature Rich

All modern systems are designed to be environmentally friendly as well as efficient and economical to run. They use refrigerants that don’t damage the environment and provide cooling in a way that is extremely cost-effective. As an example, all ducting is heavily insulated so that the cooled air is output where it’s needed rather than being lost before it gets there.

Although ducted systems only have a single controller and this originally meant that every room had to be maintained at the same temperature, this is no longer the case. Many systems now have a zoning feature so that each area of the property can be kept at a different temperature. Some reverse cycle VRF systems even allow the hot air extracted from a cooled room to be used to heat another one.

In addition to features that save you money, other options are available to ensure the air is not only cooled but is also as pure as it can be. Filters can remove pollen, dust and other particles that can be irritants for those suffering from hay fever, asthma and other conditions. Additionally, the air can be humidified or dehumidified depending on humidity levels so it’s ideal for your comfort.

If you use a reverse cycle system for heating, it’s equally easy to maintain a constant, pre-set temperature within your home. That can be helped by a defrost cycle that can keep you warm even when it’s below freezing outside. All systems can come with inbuilt WiFi so you can load an app to your phone or other mobile device and turn the air conditioning on before you get home.

The Perfect System and Functions

Of course, all the various benefits are only available if you choose a supplier that has the full range of options and is willing to ensure that you take advantage of what’s on offer. At Magic Air Conditioning, we not only offer a wide range of high quality systems, we also have those with optional functions that you can choose if they’re suitable for you.

We definitely won’t recommend systems that have options you won’t use because that’s needless expense and we want you to have value for money as well as a system that works well. Equally, we won’t propose a system that has more capacity than you need since we’ll first undertake a full survey to establish the required size of system. In short, we aim to install exactly the system you need, that will have all the functions you want and will find useful, and which will keep you comfortable at all times and in all areas at a reasonable cost.

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