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If you are located on the Gold Coast and want an affordable, high-quality air conditioning system installed in your home or office, contact the team here at Magic Air Conditioning today! We would be happy to discuss with you what aircon system will be most suitable for your property and answer any queries that you have about our installation service before providing you with a free quote for the work that we would be carrying out. This will give you an idea of what the costs are and you can have a think about this before contacting our team again and proceeding. If costs are an issue, you can also speak to our team regarding our interest free finance options.

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Buying an air conditioner should be simple. It’s one of those things where you should be just able to walk into a display room, pick out the model you want, pay some money, and then it gets delivered to your home and installed perfectly, ready for you to run.

That’s the ideal scenario, but for a lot of buyers, it doesn’t work out as perfectly as that. The good news is that you can get a perfect result, but where you buy from makes a really big difference.

Don’t let yourself be a victim of dodgy dealers

Air conditioning is one of the industries that some crooks have latched onto in recent times. They know it is a high demand product, and few consumers take the time to research either the products or the companies that are selling them. If they did take that trouble, they’d save themselves a lot of problems later on.

It’s really amazing, but some of the air conditioner sellers are actually selling fake air conditioners that they usually import cheaply from China, and these fakes are made from low quality components. The problem is serious because the fake air conditioners are potentially quite dangerous.

Just imagine: a fake air conditioner could set your home on fire, expose you to toxic smoke, or release refrigerant into the atmosphere of your home. While the chance is not very high of these things happening, it must be considered as a possibility, and unfortunately it will be a reality for some.

Fortunately, you can avoid all these kinds of problems just by making sure you only buy from reputable dealers selling genuine brands, and providing expert installers.

Buy from trusted dealers with a solid reputation

Really this is true for anything you buy, and especially for high value items like air conditioners. Magic Air Conditioning is a Gold Coast based business with many years of experience in selling and installing all kinds of air conditioners.

All our technicians are experts in air conditioning. They can answer any questions you may have, and they can fix any problems with an air conditioning system.

Buying from us means knowing for certain that you are getting authentic products that are fully backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, and by our own workmanship guarantee as well. That means you can buy your air conditioner with total confidence, and you’ll know you have on-going support after your purchase.

Top brands and genuine value

We sell the best brands, and we provide real value on everything we sell. You won’t find a better deal, no matter where you go. Plus you are getting the genuine products, not cheap imports that have been rebranded.

Installations are performed to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. We guarantee every installation to be top quality work. So make sure you choose Magic Air Conditioning for your next AC unit.

When you are ready to buy an air conditioner, come to Magic Air Conditioning for excellent value and reliable service.

Buy An Air Conditioner From Magic Air Conditioning

Are you looking to buy an air c­­onditioner for your home? Then have a browse around our website here at Magic Air Conditioning to find the perfect air conditioner for you, or better yet, give our team a call and we can discuss with you what air conditioner will be perfect for your particular environment and costs.

Air conditioning can provide homes with so many important benefits and here we are talking about some of the top reasons to get aircon installed in your home.

Top Reasons To Get Aircon

Want to know more about what makes aircon such a staple in every home? Carry on reading for more information.

Prevents Dehydration And Heat Strokes

When you are constantly immersed in excessive heat, it can quickly lead to dehydration. When your body is too warm, it reacts by sweating and this causes you to lose a lot of water in your body. When you do not drink enough water to overcome this, your body will become dehydrated. Air conditioning is designed to keep your home cool and prevent these extreme temperatures, so you will be much less likely to suffer from dehydration.

Heatstroke is another common problem caused by excessive heat and this occurs when your body starts to lose control of regulating its temperature. If you do not act fast to treat this, it can potentially be extremely serious, causing damage to the brain or other organs in the body. Again, keeping the air and temperature cool with air conditioning helps to prevent this.

Improved Air Quality

If you want to create a healthier home environment, an air conditioner can help you achieve this. It can filter out the things that we do not want to breathe in such as pollen and dust, as well as other allergens. Not only that, it can also help to control any mildew or mould as this is further exacerbated by warm temperatures.

Air conditioners help to make the air that we breathe pure and as we mentioned before, it can remove things such as pollen from our surroundings. This is great news for those suffering from asthma as this will really help to improve your illness and stop triggering it. Lastly, when you use your aircon system instead of opening up the windows, it also means you are not being subjected to bacteria and other microorganisms which can make you ill.

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The best part about contacting Magic Air Conditioning today for more information about aircon installation is that you have nothing to lose! We can answer all the queries that you may have about aircon being installed in your home or business premises and the best part is that we will offer you a free quote. It really is as simple as contacting us today, so make sure you do not miss out on getting your free quote and speak to our team now.

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